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Brimob ‘hitman’ Oil Palm Plantation

Walhi executive director Berry says the presence Nahdian Forkan Brimob in the plantations are often only a trigger of conflict between the company and local people. “For a big question because the involvement of police officers (Mobile Brigade) in all cases it is not to dampen the conflict but rather to protect the company. So do not be surprised if the civil society organizations to categorize them as a guard company,” Berry said during a news conference at the Office of Walhi, Jakarta, Friday (16/12/2011).

Attending the press conference a number of alliances of civil society, among which is the Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI), Oil Watch, Forest System Supporting Democracy Consortium (KPSHK), and Indonesia Workers Union (ISU).

They are addressing cases of violence in the District Mesuji, South Sumatra, and Mesuji District, Lampung. Berry explains, in the case mesuji, trigger conflict is due to the oil palm plantation company lands have been seized and mastered a long time residents. Meanwhile, police are often assigned by the company to keep the company of people that usually attacks against because of cases such deprivation.

“The police is not a protector or at least present when tension occurs, but the police had indeed been based in the palm plantation as found in the PT BSMI in Lampung. This is the condition which has complicated the situation. And the police were simply spewing bullets at people without following the SOP , “Berry said.

Berry added, in a note Walhi in the period January to November 2011, approximately 102 cases regarding the management of natural resources, including oil, mining, forest. Of the 102 cases, 123 residents criminalized, gunshot wounds 62 people, 26 people were persecuted, and nine people died.

“This is all done by the police in particular the duty to maintain Brimob plantations and mines. And if this is not immediately terminated by the state, in the future, the greater the potential for conflict, thousands of people will become victims,” ​​he said.

Coordinator KPSHK, M Djauhari, adding, with a range of violence committed by these officers, the Police should immediately stop the process of criminalization of farmers in Mesuji.

In addition, he also requested that the government can provide coverage over the entire costs of the victims who died and are still hospitalized. “And the government also must give more attention to farmers in Sodong and Lampung. Cases of police violence on the plantation is in fact not only in Sumatra alone, even down to Papua. Therefore we remove the recommendation to immediately remove the apparatus -police officers in the estate, “said Djauhari.

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